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A little blogging every now and then does come a long way in SEO, but scheduled blogging goes even farther! Blogging has become very popular this last year. Almost all people in every different profession around the world seem to have a blog section on their website. Blogging has proven to increase SEO results and make a website visible online. Aside from that part of it, sharing ideas and opinions through an online format is fun to do!

How to optimize a blog?

A blog can be easily optimized by proper placement of keyword tags, category tags, and meta tags.

What is scheduled blogging?

Scheduled blogging is an effective method used to blog and gain followers at the same time. Scheduled blogging is a method of planning out a strategy of what to write, when to publish, and where to publish it. Take that plan and schedule it on a calendar and there you have scheduled blogging. It is proven to be very effective and it will bring quick results.

How does the design of a blog affect the reader?

Essentially, it is important to design a website for the reader/web user. If a website has small text, it will most likely affect the readers reading ability on the page. This is way we always promote soft colors and large text for web design.

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